Male Iberian Ibex Type A1. Code: 304


Quarter: Shed North. Permit duration: 2 days.
Male Iberian Ibex older than 13 years and score greater than 230 points.

Hunting Date: To be determined by the hunter with the Technical Direction Mail:, Phone: +34 626194242), with the following limitations:
- You cannot hunt on weekends or on regional and / or national holidays.
- There can be no more than 4 permits per day and shed. The first 4 applications received will have preferences

The basic packageof services to the hunter is included in the starting price.

The additional fee is not included and will be paid at the time of hunting, depending on the score of the hunted piece according to law FYM / 436/2014 of 19 May, which regulates the hunting management and the exercise of hunting in the Regional hunting Reserves of Castile and Leon.

Season 2015
Hunting date: 
A definir
Type of hunting: 
Huntable species: 
Initial prize: 
6 000€
Time left: 

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