Gancho o batida

“Gancho” or “Batida” is a type of big game hunting. Collective hunting practiced with dogs and / or beaters in order to flush out quarries in a given area and force them to head towards the hunters that, in a maximum number of twenty and equipped with authorized means, were previously placed in fixed posts distributed in different positions across the area (a closing line over the ground, a line defined by a road or a steep slope, or in zones where it is likely that the animals run away through them so they are more easily captured there). The total number of hunters in all the positions and beaters should not exceed twenty-seven, and the number of dogs allowed should not exceed thirty. Beaters (dog handlers and other support staff) should not carry firearms.

E.g., 25/10/2021
E.g., 25/10/2021

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Tuesday, 26 October, 2021 - 12:00