Conditional Auction - Female Red Deer . Code: 0382 (CLOSED PRICE)


Quarter: Anciles. Duration of the permit: 1 day.
Within this quota it will be possible to hunt hinds with any of the following characteristics:

    - female with late calf: in this case you must also try to hunt the calf.
    - females with weak or thin calf: in this case you must also try to hunt the calf.
   - stunted females
    - females with symptoms of disease
    - females with a physical defect
    - very old females

Included in the starting price is the BASIC PACKAGE of services to the hunter, established by the RESOLUTION of 05 December 2017, of the General Directorate of the Natural Environment, which establishes the amount corresponding to the necessary expenses for the control of the use of the game in the Network of Regional Reserves.
In the event that a deer does not meet the aforementioned characteristics or exceeds the score of 150 tax points, it will remain in the possession of the Technical Management of the Reserve, and the permit will be considered cancelled.

Tax score contemplated in Order FYM/436/2014, of 19 May, which regulates the orderly use of hunting and the exercise of hunting in the Regional Hunting Reserves of Castilla y León obtained from the green measurement. Not coinciding with the C.I.C. (International Hunting Council) valuations.

The hunter must follow the indications of the Gamekeeper and may only shoot at the specimens indicated by them. In the event that the hunter does not wish to shoot a game and does not want to shoot it, he will be given a second chance, if possible, and in the event that he does not want to shoot this game either, the gamekeeper will suspend the hunt and terminate it.
Both the awarding price and the complementary fee (if applicable) will be considered as TAXABLE BASE, the awarding price will be increased by 21%VAT.

The assignment of a hunting permit must be notified in writing to the Technical Directorate, and the successful bidder of the permit must identify the new hunter by full name and ID number, indicating the code and date of the hunting permit assigned at least 10 days before the date of the hunt.

Temporada 2024
Número de lote: 
Hunting date: 
Thursday, 12 December, 2024
Type of hunting: 
Huntable species: 
Initial prize: 
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